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    How Babybenice was born

    When our daughter Kayla, was born we had just moved cross-country...far away from all of our close friends and family. As first time parents we wanted nothing but the best for our beautiful baby girl, however with so many products in the market, we did not know where to start. When we went to the big box stores around our home, we began to find that we were buying products that did not meet our expectations. At that point we began researching baby products before purchasing them, ensuring that they were of high quality, well reviewed, useful, and classy. As all parents, our motivation was that we wanted the best for our daughter. As our daughter started growing and hitting her milestones, we found it a hassle to gather all the best items for each milestone. Naturally, after spending a good amount of time collecting only the best products for Kayla, we thought to ourselves, "Does anyone sell packages with good, high quality products based on our daughter's developmental milestones?" We figured it would make our lives so much easier... and that is how babybenice.com was born.
    That very day we decided that we would start our own business doing just that. Making sure other parents can have the convenience and ease of having just the right products for their little ones when they need it most. For those nights when your child is crying all night because they are teething, the moment your doctor says it’s time to introduce solids, or when your little one decides they are ready to be potty trained. For all those precious moments, let us help you gift or buy a carefully selected package with hand picked, high quality products based on your baby's developmental milestones. Welcome to a newfound comfort and convenience for your child’s development. Each step of the way, we are there to support you.
    Welcome to babybenice.com!
    Sincerely, The babybenice.com family

    More About Us

    Founded in 2012, we like to think of ourselves as not just another gift basket service. Oh no my friend, at babybenice.com you will receive something that you can use for your new bundle of joy. Our practical, and convenient care packages are just that. Packages in which you can use the things you receive to care for your baby. When we became real parents ourselves that year, we thought how nice it would be to receive the real things that we needed for our child to help us along the way. From our personal experience, we thought of all the things that you will need at different milestones in your child’s development that will help you both tremendously. Prepackaged, delivered, and at your disposal, we ensure that all products offered are market tested and parent approved. If it’s not good enough for our family, we wouldn't pass it along. For that reason, rest assured that we are committed to quality and safety concerning your child. All of our carefully selected products meet our quality standards, and the guidelines set forth by the Consumer Products Safety Commission.
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